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Welcome to the APICS Toronto Chapter

APICS builds operations management excellence in individuals and enterprises through superior education and training, internationally recognized certifications, comprehensive resources, and a worldwide network of accomplished industry professionals.

APICS Toronto is the leading association for supply chain and operations management professionals in the Toronto area, providing our members and partners with opportunities for development, networking and the sharing of best practices.

Chapter Management Excellence is an integral component to enhancing the member experience. Successful APICS chapters provide their members with opportunities for stellar education, career development, and networking.

The APICS Chapter Benchmarking and Recognition (CBAR) program recognizes chapters that have exceeded minimum standards and exemplify excellence in overall chapter management. We are proud to announce the APICS Toronto Chapter received the 2015 CBAR Award designation, an admirable accomplishment for an APICS chapter.

As a member of an APICS Gold Award Winning Chapter, the CBAR designation signifies your chapter’s commitment to providing an exceptional membership experience.

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Upcoming Events

APICS Plant Tours

      APICS Toronto Chapter 2015 PDMs - Chapter Location, 1370 Don Mills Road, Toronto

      Other Events

      Current and Upcoming Courses

      APICS Toronto Chapter Location - 1370 Don Mills Road

      Seneca College - Markham Campus Location - 8 The Seneca Way

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      Seneca College Past Event

      On October 7, members of the Seneca College Student APICS Chapter attended a  tour of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Facility in Cambridge Ontario.

      This award winning facility makes the world famous Corolla and the Lexus SUV.



      Pictured here are faculty Mary Drane and Padma Gopinath, as well as 41 APICS student members.




      General Information & Past Events


      APICS Toronto Chapter Open House - September 17, 2015
      President Mark Tinkler welcomed over 80 attendees to an informal networking event

      APICS Toronto Chapter Presentation, Dinner and AGM - June 18, 2015
      Keynote presentation by Bob Moroz - RFID and IOT
      Click here to view photo gallery

      APICS Toronto Chapter - PDM - May 28, 2015
      In this session, Sam Manna discussed the Supply Chain Talent Gap

      APICS Toronto Chapter - Plant Tour - Apotex - May 8, 2015

      APICS Toronto Chapter - Plant Tour - Canada Post - April 29, 2015

      APICS Toronto Chapter - PDM - April 23, 2015
      In this session, Dennis Lord discussed What Drives Inventory in Your Supply Chain - Click here for presentation

      APICS Toronto Chapter - AM Morning Plant Tour - ThyssenKrupp - April 21, 2015

      APICS Toronto Chapter - PDM - March 26, 2015
      In this session, Chaim Silberstein discussed the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model - SCOR..

      APICS Toronto Chapter - LCBO Plant Tour - March 16, 2015

      APICS Toronto Chapter - PDM - February 19, 2015
      In this session, Mark Tinkler explored disruptive technologies including the evolution of recent technological innovations such as 3-D Printing and Drones.


      APICS Toronto Message from the President - Summer 2015

      We held our Presentation Dinner and Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, June 18th, 2015. Once again, this was a great event and we had the opportunity to recognize our members and cherished partners. As always, it was great to see old friends and meet new ones!

      This year we had twelve members achieve the CPIM designation in the 2014-2015 season:

      • Marc Steven Collins
      • Norman (Qingnian) Huang
      • Sudhir Kakkar
      • Fengsheng Li
      • Kevin Motilal
      • Johnny Popoli
      • Jeelani Mohammed Shaik
      • Piyush Sheth
      • Bozena Stoch
      • Natalia Turetskiy
      • Igor Vakhromoy
      • Steven Xu

      This year we had 25 members who achieved the CSCP designation in the 2014-2015 season:

      • Olaitan Adevumi
      • Sahibzada Ahmed
      • Vijay Chaudhary
      • Mathieu Chretien
      • Marc Detesan
      • Timor Dmitriuk
      • Nicola Fabbricino
      • Anqi Hao
      • Brian Hayashi
      • Zihao Huang
      • Norman (Qingnian) Huang
      • Silvio Kusakawa
      • Jean‐Noel Li Yam Nam
      • Asem Moqbel
      • Kevin Motilal
      • Clara Nauises
      • Shu Qiu
      • Charlemagne Quimado
      • Suzanne Seto
      • Jeelani Mohammed Shaik
      • Clement Shum
      • Hiroyasu Sudo
      • Saleem Syed
      • Zahid Ul Haq
      • Misel Yakop

      In the two lists of the CPIM and CSCP candidates shown above, there are three individuals who stand out and we recognized these three members; Norman (Qingnian) Huang, Kevin Motilal, and Jeelani Mohammed Shaik, as ‘Members of the Year’ for achieving both CPIM and CSCP designations within the same APICS Toronto Chapter season.

      Congratulations to all three individuals for an amazing effort and a wonderful achievement.

      We recognized our instructors for their hard work and dedication. Our eight highly qualified and valued instructors are:

      • Sherman Cheung
      • Mauro Girardo
      • Daniel Hui
      • Anil Mislankar
      • Chaim Silberstein
      • George Stevens
      • Branko Tosic
      • J. Clark Weddell

      The keynote presentation this year was provided by Bob Moroz of RFID Canada and his presentation was ‘RFID and IoT - The Internet of Things’. His presentation was very informative and provided us with a look into the future of these technologies. Thank you Bob for a fantastic presentation!

      We thanked the Bond Executive for their continued hard work in supporting our chapter.

      We also recognized our 16 members who have been with the APICS Toronto Chapter for 25 years and over. This is an inspiring milestone and one that demonstrates the dedication and focus that these members have. Our members with 25 years+ include:

      • Laurie Adams
      • Sukesh Arora
      • Bruce Conner
      • David A Cornelissen
      • Axel Dietz
      • David G Fletcher
      • Debra Jones
      • Dennis Lord
      • Shelley Newton
      • Chaim Silberstein
      • George Stevens
      • Mary Stillman
      • Bernhard Uhlich
      • Dick Verbeek
      • J. Clark Weddell
      • Allen Wong

      We also recognized two members who have been a part of APICS Toronto for over 30 years:

      • Dennis Lord
      • George Stevens

      In 2013, we recognized Axel Dietz and J.Clark Weddell for their 30+ years of membership at the APICS Toronto Chapter.

      Once again, this year it gave us great pleasure to recognize and congratulate MicroSkills as Corporate Partner of the year. Our partnership with MicroSkills continues to be an enriching and mutually rewarding one. MicroSkills is a multi-cultural, non-profit, community based organization committed to assisting the unemployed, with priority to women, racial minorities, youth and immigrants.

      The award was accepted by the MicroSkills group, led by Karen Webb, Chairperson for MicroSkills, and many of the MicroSkills team members.

      We wish MicroSkills continued success with the great work that they do.

      Our 2015 – 2016 season officially starts this September with an open house at the chapter office.

      In closing, I would like to thank all members of the APICS Toronto Chapter for their continued support of this chapter and their affirmation of support to the Supply Chain and Operations Management community.

      Warmest regards,

      Mark Tinkler, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP
      President - APICS Toronto Chapter  


      APICS Scholars Education Program

      The Scholars Education Program is a unique educational opportunity to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to APICS and the profession through a scholarship to attend the APICS International Conference and Expo. The program benefits both students and volunteers with a rewarding experience that fosters career growth, professional connections, and develops future leaders of APICS. Click here to find out more.

      APICS Webinars 

      The convenience and flexibility of APICS Webinars enable organizations to educate a large number of employees at once, reduce travel expenses, and maintain consistent levels of productivity by eliminating time out of the office. Each 60-minute APICS Webinar features an educational discussion, case studies, and a Q&A session. All you need to participate is an Internet connection and a telephone. As an added benefit, registrants of each APICS Webinar receive a CD-ROM of the presentation after the event. Click here to find out more.

      Testing - Information on exam dates, locations, and registration fees for CPIM/CSCP testing.


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      APICS Toronto Chapter Plant Tour: Toyota

      Board of Directors Meeting

      Board of Directors Meeting

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